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Sunday, June 11, 2006 - 22:19 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

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England, so Poor

The Three Lions have been living too much on their reputations. A day after Germany put four past an admittedly attack-focused Costa Rica, Ye Olde England got a win without any of their players scoring. They do say one of the hallmarks of a good team is the ability to play badly and still win, though.

Well, better a poor 1-0 victory than a 5-5 draw. Fortituous scheduling means I should be able to catch their other two group matches, and they should get through to the second round - though how much further is a huge question mark.

Have to say soccer is much more fun when watched in a (small) crowd. The Sweden - T&T game at 12pm did England even more favours, though it was generally yawn-inducing for the neutrals. I remarked that it had the nil-nil look about it after twenty minutes went by, and was right on this occasion.

In the end it was left for Argentina and Ivory Coast to provide the fireworks. Indeed, Cote d'Ivorie had some of the best direct attacking play of the World Cup so far, and only lousy finishing prevented an upset. Dragged myself home at 5am. Zzz.

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