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Monday, June 26, 2006 - 01:03 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

- -
Half Time, England 0 - 0 Ecuador

Pretty boring game, so let's concentrate on the picks of the tournament so far:

"Ecuador are used to playing at high altitude... and that's Peter Crouch, 6 foot 7, also at high altitude..."

"And that must be the goal of the tournament there!" (Almost every match in which a half decent long shot goes in)

When a player lost one of his boots, an opponent walked up and nonchalently kicked it further away (must see to believe)

When the camera showed a referee grinning away crazily in slow motion for ten seconds at a player... then flashing the red card while all the time smiling as though he had won the lottery. "ROFL BB HAVE A NICE DAY!"

Smile campaign, anyone?

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