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Saturday, Mar 16, 2024 - 16:40 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

Multiclassed, What's Next?

The other perk of reaching forty whilst maintaining... particular status conditions would be the attainment of archmage status; it was for science, no need to mention it. There's no need to dawdle with the landmark reached - and new mission unlocked, and from how Destiny has contributed in this respect thus far, the only way she'll come good is if I make it rain in Vegas.

Recruiting some professional help, and indulging in some in-depth soul-searching, had me realize that much of my life thus far had been in pursuit of Number Go Up (in more ways than one), which while not exactly dissatisfying or unprofitable, does have its limits: there'll always be someone with a bigger number out there, and number can always go further up. Further self-reflection on my current criteria for a life partner had me also discover that I am, indeed, rather a shallow bastard. Well, it can't be helped, but in my own defence, I'm willing to make an effort on that end myself, fair is fair.

This, then, is where last year's physical salvage project came in, which had bodyweight come down from some 88kg at the beginning of 2023 (after some downers in the latter half of 2022, that encouraged binge eating towards coping), to sub-70kg by September 2023, or a loss of some forty pounds. Since I'm not at all that private or shy about these things, here's the before-and-after transformation:

Top: October 2022; Bottom: March 2024
[N.B. Shirt just happened to match the Atlas Bar decor tones]

I suppose it should be evident that I never put much stock in personal appearances, given how it has - or should have - essentially no bearing on my main (job) functions and interests. If such has become necessary, however, then let's make a sporting go at it, and no, I'm not going to be the guy who claims that it all comes naturally (akin to the chaps who insist that they don't study, only to secretly mug their nights away at home). That said, a few more inches on the chest and arms - and a few less about the waist - should about do it, so it is merely a matter of putting the plan together, and executing it.

Here, I've gotta credit my cousin for his photography skillz (and loan of his wedding blazer, for the above scene). Let's see how the black & white shots come out, once we get the studio:

About halfway there, all considered
[N.B. Eyebags reduced/complexion improved digitally, for fair disclosure; original photo used for actual service, but those areas can be fixed in time]

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