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Saturday, Sep 09, 2006 - 19:51 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

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Couple Splashes

Made 110 50-metre laps in three hours almost purely on breaststroke, not too bad considering I'm totally out of practice. Other than the mandatory event T-shirt (and other goodies), I also took home a lobster tan (ouchie). The obstacles might even have helped, seeing as to how they forced a relaxing deep breath twice a lap.

The pool was crazily crowded at the start, but after about an hour it started thinning nicely. Freestyle was the stroke of choice for most participants, and it does offer the best ratio of speed to energy expended, but I was not prepared to try long distances with it just yet. The marker-written numbers on my arms were faded soon enough, leading me to worry that the referees wouldn't count every lap, but in the end they got all but five!

Nearing the end, it was the thirst and ravenous hunger that got the better of me. Good reminder to carbo-load for StanChart. Quaffed two bottles of soya bean milk right after the end, and sampled Subway for the first time, a 6-inch Turkey Breast sub. Not totally to my taste.

[Advert] Look for extra-terrestrials further afield after Pluto's demotion - contribute spare processor time to SETI@home. Nifty screensaver included.

Good news: Singapore held China nil-nil not long after China scraped a 1-0 win through an injury time penalty. Bad news was that there were apparently more PRCs at the National Stadium than locals. Better news: Some of the Lions showed creativity beyond the call of duty in staging a mock rally in a locker room. IMHO, our little nation needs a lot more of this, of taking fun more seriously, as endorsed by de Govt.

But then again, how would we recognize each other abroad? Now, we can still look out for the good, upright, solid citizens waiting at a junction by a completely deserted street in a heavy downpour waiting patiently for the lights to turn green.

Lastly, here comes the second splash. After my first foray into fake betting, I'm on $72.50 from $100. Will I turn my first "profit", or will I sink further into the cashhole? We'll see...

$40 on Portsmouth to beat Wigan (at 1.68) - Just looks very good quality.
$20 on Chelski to beat Charlton (at 1.15) - Will dance if I lose this!
$20 on Tottenham (+1.5) vs Man U (1.53) - Much as I would love a thrashing, it'll be hard without the Roon and the Ninja. Sentiments don't stand here.
$10 on the Everton-Liverpool derby draw (3.10) - Likely enough for that price.
$10 on Arsenal to beat Boro (at 1.27) - Are the Gunners that bad? Probably not...

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