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15-07-2006 O R D LOH!
29-07-2006 4O: The Gathering
21-08-2006 Fishy Philosophizing
09-09-2006 Couple Splashes
30-12-2006 Memento Mori, Universitas Prolixus Textus
28-01-2007 Kallang Roar
20-02-2007 For Want Of A One
06-06-2007 Live And Learn
03-07-2007 Four Kilometres and a Wedding
21-06-2008 Free Awesomeness
25-07-2008 We Meet Again
28-07-2008 The Masters Of Mastication
06-11-2008 Sucks To Be Me
20-05-2009 Weekend B-activities
24-05-2009 Takeoff Imminent
22-07-2009 Pottering Along

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