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changelog history

changelog v1.22
* HTTPS now enabled by default, for privacy and maybe speed. That took some time.

changelog v1.21
* Pageview statistics for the main blog are now handled through mySQL queries (like the mobile site), instead of the ancient (inherited from circa 2000) custom text file system. This should eliminate those occasional update anomalies (and should have been fixed long ago)

* All blog post links are now automatically detected and archived via the archive.is webpage capture service [FAQ]. This was implemented due to frustration at primary sources tending to disappear all too soon - names shall not be named, save that they include sites and forums controlled by the local MSM. Access with the current blog skin is through the existing method, by clicking the icon that appears at the bottom left of the page whenever an external link is clicked:

changelog v1.20
* Fixed long lines without spaces in comments to properly wrap.

changelog v1.19
* All blog entry images now hosted locally (partially obsoletes v1.09). Goodbye ImageShack, and thanks for all the loading delays and 404s. Nah, just kidding, you've been great; thank goodness you're not Webshots!

changelog v1.18
* Pageview data now incorporates views from mobile browsers (previously stored separately due to separate mobile interface implementation)

changelog v1.17b
* Link archival popup now works with Internet Explorer (tested on IE9), originally unseen due to position:fixed not recognized in Quirks mode.

changelog v1.17
* Support for link archival with WebCite, Google Cache and Internet Archive for now.

changelog v1.16a
* Basic bug fixes for bert's blog mobile beta, including navigation by date not working for new months, and intra-blog links not working as expected

changelog v1.16
* bert's blog mobile beta released at http://blog-m.glys.com, with automatic detection and redirection from smartphones! It won't make much sense when not viewed on a mobile device...

changelog v1.15c
* Random quotes in page title now added by Javascript, to prevent messy titles in search engines. Those that don't actually render the page, anyway.

changelog v1.15b
* Added Feedjit Live Traffic Feed.

changelog v1.15a
* Issue with Google Friend Connect showing up uninvited fixed.

changelog v1.15
* Related Posts functionality fixed, improved.
* Minor issue with long strings not breaking in trackbacks fixed.

changelog v1.14b
* Comment bug that truncated all comments after the first quotation mark fixed.

changelog v1.14
* Existing blog entries normalised to have compulsory line endings after double line breaks (implications in returning summarised search results).
* Tab-to-search functionality in Google Chrome implemented.
* Some miscellaneous edits in previous posts, e.g. the 4O uni major data, and addition of an occ-quote.
N.B. blog policy: errata may occ-ur in previous posts without explicit notice/timestamps etc, where they are minor and do not detract from the original thrust of the post. Spelling/grammatical mistakes of course fall within this category.

changelog v1.12f
* Google Friend Connect box added. More hidden clutter.

changelog v1.12e
* Long-lasting IE style bug with recent entries menu fixed. "px" required to be specified.

changelog v1.12d
* Irritating trackback spam fixed, found misapplication of Net::Akismet Perl interface (missing user ip/agent)

changelog v1.12c
* Refbacks implemented (nearly a year after track/pingbacks) for individual blog posts.

changelog v1.12b
* Images *may* now have mouseover captions in the xkcd tradition.

changelog v1.12
* Simple related posts algorithm (on individual pages) implemented, to be improved in the future.
* Link errors on search corrected.
* Next page function (on individual pages) implemented for Atalanta skin.

changelog v1.11
* Changelogs now aggregated onto their own page.
* A few standard text colours now automatically adjusted for readability by blog skin.
* Minor correction of Javascript in an old blog post.

changelog v1.10b
* Site visit counter now autoupdated through AJAX to prevent unnecessary inflation through reloading.

changelog v1.10
* glolg now supports multiple users and associated profiles.

changelog v1.09c
* Akismet spam filter implemented on top of Mollom (both don't seem to be catching some pretty illogical stuff, however...) for chatterbox.
* Mollom quality threshold for chatterbox lowered (some legit comments appeared to be rejected)
* Blog copyright notice at page footer automatically extended to whatever year it currently is (unsure if credit for this already claimed)

changelog v1.09b
* New comments, regardless of age of original post, will now trigger an email for Instant Response:

changelog v1.09
* Generalized image backup solution applied for globetrackr (see changelog v1.08g). Now most entry-specific images will still be pulled from ImageShack whenever possible, but a Javascript function will detect if an image link is broken, then only in that case use local bandwidth instead of leeching. NO MOAR BROKEN IMAGEZ!!111
* URL encoding for special characters (especially Chinese) fixed, so comments and direct links etc now work for entries with these characters in their title.
* Individual entries (from direct link) now display a link to the next chronological entry at the foot of the entry (Cumulation skin only)
* Month displayed in monthly views (Cumulation skin fix)

changelog v1.08g
* globetrackr image backed up each day, to be used if globetrackr server down (general JavaScript solution for broken images).
* "page created" timestamp added under Site Statistics section.

changelog v1.08f
* Firefox (and related browser engines) bug with comments fixed, thanks to anonymous chong.

changelog v1.08d
* glolg is now trackback and pingback enabled.

changelog v1.08c
* OpenID authentication incorporated in comments, with ID Selector support (can't let glolg competitors like Blogger/WordPress/LiveJournal/TypePad pull away too much, right?)

* Mollom spam checking incorporated in underused chatterbox (misses some rather obvious spams now, but can only improve I suppose)

* Some minor comments page UI upgrading and bugfixes.

* Obscure but very irritating Snap Shots BASEFONT compatibility bug fixed for Internet Explorer.

* Blog entry title now displayed in HTML page title on direct link standalone pages.

changelog v1.08b
* GlobeTrackr site traffic widget added in site statistics tab. Review on whether blog can and should continually accumulate such widgets kept in view.

changelog v1.08
* reCAPTCHA Captcha verification implemented for comments - defeat spammers while helping to digitize old books! Not that this blog has had much comment spam yet, but better safe than sorry later.

* Comment textboxes now show old value by default if the comments are not accepted for any reason (such as a failed Captcha verification).

* Next/Previous month links at bottom of page, when surfing the blog by month.

* RSS time zone fixed according to RFC-822 specifications. (N.B. Interesting explanation by an NUS prof on why Singapore "is in the wrong time zone")

changelog v1.07e
* RSS feed generation for new posts fixed - previously had a bug with published dates.

changelog v1.07d.1
* Very minor addition of a few worthy links: The Daily Bunny, since Cute Overload seems to have forgotten about my favourite squishable small furry creature; Tom the Dancing Bug, long overdue; And the Perry Bible Fellowship, which really isn't what it seems.

changelog v1.07d
* Google Analytics installed.

* Redundant copyright notice updated.

changelog v1.07c
* FeedBurner FeedCount added somewhere.

* RSS Feed now autodetectable by IE Toolbar.

* Couple of blog links added/updated.

* Minor bug with special characters in Javascript functions (partially) fixed.

changelog v1.07b
* Added a not wholly descriptive share link at the bottom of all entries, which simplifies the process of submitting entries to community/social websites like Digg and reddit, or bookmarking services like Google's and Yahoo's.

Note: This functionality is not currently implemented in the older Atalanta skin, which will conveniently serve as a precedent that new functionalities are not guaranteed to be available in all skins. You have been forewarned.

* Discovered a minor bug in the blog's counter code which does not affect the accuracy of the hit counter, but annoyingly necessitates manual adjustment every so often. Current status: Procrastinated away.

changelog v1.07
* Skinning functionality has arrived! Please chatterbox any bugs found.

* Release of new default skin, Cumulation. A few Easter eggs to be discovered, as usual.

changelog v1.06
* bert's blog now comes in eleven extra languages! Click display preferences to select your preferred lingo. Translation service kindly provided by Altavista Babelfish.

* Snap.com preview further customized.

* Longstanding February misspelling as Feburary fixed.

changelog v1.05c
* Comments bug vanquished. Let free speech reign! Sorry to those who wasted their posts... (oh ya credit edchong)

changelog v1.05b
* Patched this blog engine to be Y2K7-compliant. I think.

changelog v1.05
* New snap.com link previews! Don't like newfangled stuff? Then partake of the...

* More obvious link to display preferences, previously accessible only by the unassuming black rectangle on the vertical options bar.

* Preferences added for toggling the abovementioned snap.com previews, and the number of entries returned by the Glolgle search.

* Operation aborted bug with the snap.com javascript apparently fixed, currently monitoring its status.

* Tagcloud added, link under category tags.

* Miscellaneous tag category added, for all tags which are not officially supported.

changelog v1.04c
* Finally, metatags. Nobody uses them now, but let them be there.

* Blue bar for the minima in Site Statistics. Current day no longer counts for minima.

* Bunch of 80 x 15 buttons added unobstructively under the links section, including long-due credit to Imageshack. Hohoho.

changelog v1.04b
* Textboxes now are grey instead of yellow due to smart AutoForms which highlight them yellow, of all colours. I spit on this impingement of designer rights.

* Any word(s) may be used as a tag now. If not one of the "standard" category tags, it'll be grey (rather than red) and also link to Technorati, since it's likely a one-off. See top of post for demonstration.

* RSS feed items now include date and time.

* Favicon added.

* Bug with javascript alerts also opening a new window fixed.

changelog v1.04
* Chatterbox fix fixed. Spaces were inadvertently outlawed, as a certain ef noted. Ya,thatsucked.

* Site Statistics date fixed, small time. No more Nov 0!

* More statistics! More! Monthly averages, max, min and everything in between.

* Technorati button added - why not a leetle pic?

* Automated ping to Technorati on new post. Of no interest to mere readers, but hey, it's nice to get it out.

* Most recent entries link improved, now scrolls down to appropriate entry instead of opening in a new page and jacking up my woefully low viewcount. Old behaviour available by clicking the two leetle arrows (»). Let's hear it for backward compatibility!

changelog v1.03
* RSS XML feed fixed. Again. This time the issue was with nested HTML tags. So it's alright. Until next time.

* Chatterbox spam removed and suppressed like unruly protesters. Hard block of the strings "url" and "http". Don't knock it, it works 99% of the time for 1% of the effort.

* The little Back to Top links don't involve reloading the whole blardy page now. Yay.

* Preliminary Daylight Savings Time fix.

* Graphical pageview historic statistics - Click Site Statistics (the green box), then the all-time page views number. Yes, the presentation is a bit buggy, but that's a job for v1.03b or thereabouts.

* Easter egg official release - It's near the mouth area. Happy talkberting™.

changelog v1.02
* Glolgle search engine implemented (top right corner of the page). Considered slurping off an established one, but figured I might as well write this from scratch too. Thought of delving into vector space search, but didn't want to tinker with trying to install C extensions on my hosted server. So what you have now is a simple case-insensitive default-OR regex comparism widget, which does recognize words in parentheses as a single term. A lot of further optimization possible since there's no index, as I decided to trade speed for storage. Poor me.

* Option not to show loading screen added at Display Preferences, the (first) black box above the red one, which in turn is above the orange one, and so on.

* Scrollbar cosmetically changed to fit more into theme. Must have slipped my mind at v1.00.

* Easter Egg beta (as promised) of new feature which should see more development! You could codedive to locate it, but that's cheating, and it's really not hard to find.

* Minor ampersand bug with RSS feed fixed.

changelog v1.01
* The category tags (that blue option button to the left) now actually does what it was intended to, that is, to summarize all entries under a certain tag when clicked upon. It also shows how many entries actually belong to that tag.

* New category tag - changelog - added.

* The Powered by GLOLG button under the most recent entries section does link to something now. Go on, click it.

* RSS feed fixed (pending monitoring).The permalink is the little red dot-and-two-curves square right at the top there. Y'know, right there. Use something like Feedreader to aggregate content so that sites who take the time to put out feeds won't get fed up, and save yourself some time.

* Added a couple of links.

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