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Saturday, Dec 23, 2006 - 21:08 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

- - -
A Farewell To Sums

Mission accomplished in eight days, two short of predicted. The reconciliation was painful at times, as mistakes I never thought I had made cropped up one after another, ranging from transposed digits to skipped entries. Once, Excel's autosummation broke at a blank entry in the middle of the column, causing five million odd dollars of spare change to be unaccounted for. All's well that ends well, though, and my colleagues talking of "shooting handguns" and other cock made things easier to bear.

End-of-job dinner at Clementi where alvin and smk polished off a whole spring chicken ($6.50) each. Will try it next time. In fact, I was just about hungry enough to try that even after finishing my fried rice, in stark contrast to Wednesday's S60 class dinner. Flooding and power outages (thankfully not in Jurong) these few days. Tuesday's 24-hour rainfall of 366mm surpassed the average amount for the whole of December in past years! Well, if the plumbers up there want to get it done with chop-chop too, that's fine by me. The environment does feel much fresher after the storm, with no sign of haze at all. Ahhhhhh.

Speaking of ahhhhhh...

This must be illegal or something (from Cute Overload. Again.)

That's it. Boh chap leow. Once I get a house of my own, the very first thing I'll do is to pop over to the House Rabbit Society or SPCA and kope one of their bunnies.

Don't want to talk about last weekend's soccer. Nothing to see here, move on, people.

$100 Challenge update: $30 from $100 for $1398.85/$1500.

This week:

$50 on Man U (-1.5) vs Aston Villa (at 2.45) - Refuse to learn lessons
$30 on Man U to beat Aston Villa (1.45)
$10 on one goal in Wigan vs Chelski (4.00) - Drogba again...
$10 on Arsenal to draw Blackburn (4.50) - Heh heh

Found something to occupy myself for the next few days, so don't expect new content too soon. Signing out.

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