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Sunday, Aug 27, 2006 - 21:25 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

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Just As Well

Man U were certainly off-colour, but still retained enough strength to grab a victory at Watford. Quick assessment: Ole isn't back to his old sharpness yet and is a step slow, expectedly for a veteran on the wrong side of thirty. Park is lightweight and could use some bulking up. Fletcher, probably a confidence player, Fergie's illegitimate son he may not be, but Man U midfield regular, neither. Looks like the Phil Neville/Nicky Butt utility sort.

On the positive side, Giggs remains a wizard at scooting past players, which just goes to show what an absolute terror he must have been, say, five years ago, with an extra spurt in his legs. Ronaldo is improving, too. No more headlong rushing into three men all the time. Saha > van Nistelrooy. Will hold my judgement on Carrick.

So how went the predictions? A 3-1 was not farfetched and Saha really should have finished off that 1v1 in the closing minutes, which would have put me well into the virtual black. As it was, three points is three points, so it turns out that the only consolation I took from that game was from the three total goals.

Liverpool squeaked out a win as expected, too bad they chose to score two late in the first half rather than keep one for the second. That produced a H-H result, so no joy there.

As for City, I had the gut feel that Arsenal would have a hard time visiting them, given their recent unconvincing performances. The Blues exceeded all expectations and gave them a hard kick down their behinds, so I scoop that bet with some pleasure.

Adding it all up, that's a -$41 return from my pretend $90 so far. I'll call Chelski to beat Blackburn by two or more, and only because the odds are generous at 2.35. Of course, if they let me down, so much the better!

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