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Monday, Jan 30, 2006 - 20:59 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

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Dog Year Ahoy

Lunar New Year. An annual opportunity to alternate between wolfing down massive amounts of bak kwa, and washing it down with glasses of chilled soft drinks. Obtained a bloaty belly in good time with all the gaseous buildup.

Returned to Bedok as usual for the reunion dinner, and ran the nailbiting gauntlet of identifying relatives, due to being extremely bad with faces and terms of address - more accurately, making the link between the two. I've seen too many acquaintances I couldn't put a name to, like one particularly embarassing episode when a primary school classmate recognized me in BMT. I didn't, so asked for his name. On three occasions. And I can't remember it now.

Appropriately enough, some of my relatives brought a pet doggie, and it was simply quite adorable. It was what I guess would be termed a toy dog, with white fur, almost silent, but pretty hyperactive. Its pointy teeth got me a bit worried about incidental puncture wounds when it tottered over, but I felt almost guilty for even suspecting a bite when it reared up to dispense a friendly lick on my hand. Aww.

From overheard conversation, it's one intelligent doggie which is not only toilet trained but can also feed itself for several days. And run about in circles a lot too. And when it does bark, it sounds like a kid with a lungful of helium. Slightly creepy when first heard, but it gets endearing.

Noticed too that all my cousins are growing up fast. Almost all on the younger end of the scale are girls for some reason, I recall most my age are guys. Well, you can't argue with a bumper crop of cuteness, running the gamut from extroveted to painfully (but oh so incredibly cutely) shy. Hmm, perhaps just indifferent.

Digression here to the subject of pets... Never had too much luck with them. Was big on fishes when I was a kid, but they somehow all ended up flushed down the toilet bowl probably due to poor aeration. Same with the tadpoles from primary school, and even the imported Seamonkeys (brine shrimp). Well, I like to think it's a direct route to the Great Fishtank in the Sky. At least the tortoises lasted (not a huge achievement, considering how long-lived they are) long enough to be released.

But if I ever get free choice of a pet, I think a bunny would win hands down.

Yes, yes, it's not exactly a macho "guy" animal, but what power on earth can possibly resist this?


Must... resist... manifesting... urge to... overtly go ga-ga. Ahem. Stiff upper lip, that's it. But as one wit on Cute Overload put it, "a little bit of you just melts inside". If there's one power that transcends boundaries, it must be that of cuteness. See, even Scott Adams agrees.

Well, perhaps not if one is on the verge of starvation.

One that wasn't cute enough

Otherwise, my opinion is that if you throw enough bunnies at a problem, soon people won't even bother about the problem because they will be too busy petting the little darlings. At the very least, there will be less bunnies to feed. Some religions are against dogs, pigs and the like, but who can hate a fluffy bunny? *Bunny rubs the dissenters*

But back to dogs and men. The dog got led away, and then we left too, early enough to catch Cheltenham vs Newcastle, then Everton vs Chelski, and finally Bolton vs Arsenal. Totally missed the CNY countdown, but no great loss I suppose. Got a look into online soccer betting too, but somehow the odds don't seem to be particularly good. They do fluctuate a lot.

Well, seated on the sofa surfing on a laptop watching quality soccer chomping yummy snacks browsing the TIME article compilation that my sister got from her magazine subscription is about as good as it gets. Happy Dog Year! Woof!

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