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Thursday, Oct 16, 2008 - 02:22 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

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Bugs And Bunny

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"Quick, how are Spurs different from a triangle?"

Answer One Two Three

Whew, that was a handful. Implementing stuff is its own reward from the self-satisfaction obtained though, same too for researching/deriving the (probably) right answers for assignments. This was on glycolysis for a recent Biology lab, and another Cournot algebraic-manipulation-fest for Game Theory. This is all the more so as I never had much natural ability in this respect, too often forgetting to place something in an expansion, reversing a sign or committing some other silly careless mistake on the way through.

I shift teeny symbols around!

General Biology has been lively recently - stuffed colugo and flying lizard specimens made an appearance, with useful mnemonics thrown in; Delightfully kind professors cannot often fail good students maybe, but the lecturer was kind enough to hint that there existed more risqué (and thus likely more effective) ones. Oh, the midterm scores (30% of total) for Health Economics were also revealed, with a sadly severe curve:

Damn scary

There's got to be something to be said for not revealing the exact scores (and also not returning the scripts), though - saves bickering over individual marks from the point of view of the professor. While I'm on this track (and in reference to last month's blog post), yesterday's New Paper came out with another reader's letter concurring with a chap who was rejected four times by NUS, but ended up with a Masters from Oxford and who is now a Ph.D. student at Princeton.

They have a legitimate case, but identifying ability is one of the toughest (if best) skills to acquire - even a genius on the level of Zhuge Liang fell flat on his face at times (see the case of Ma Su). For a fixed amount of places, guess what's going to be the next wave of letters to the editor if interviews/other considerations are given higher weightage over standardized examination scores? "Parents urge transparency, objectivity over admissions process", I wager (this seems to come up every now and then for medicine and law already).

The problems of one little bun don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world

Lastly, I feel my luck changing after coming across this tiny (abundoned?) bunny downstairs on Bunday, though I didn't take adbuntage of this bunderful opportunity to stuff it into my bag. Was hoping against hope that it would begin to follow me so I would have an excuse to head home with it, but no deal. It was gone when I got home from school :(

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