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Sunday, Aug 17, 2008 - 19:37 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

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Time To Bolt

Wow. Just wow. (Sources: New York Times, Actionnooz)

Usain Bolt scorched the 100m in a new world record time of 9.69s, with no tailwind and doing celebratory high steps well before the finish line (video). He finished a whole 0.2s ahead of the second-placed Richard Thompson, which is an eternity over such a short distance, who himself only managed to finish 0.14s before last-placed Patton. Oh, and Bolt had at 0.165s the second slowest reaction time of the eight runners (not exactly competitors here).

This is all rather crazy, since it seems to imply that he could have conceivably hacked the world record down to say 9.4s without too much trouble. Deduct some 0.04s for a better reaction time, 0.1s for a good 2m/s tailwind and probably over 0.1s for simply getting his head down and continuing over the finish line at top speed. Or maybe it was a one-off freak effort, like Bob Beamon's still-standing Olympic record of 8.90m, over half a metre longer than the standing record at that time (and which he was unable to come close to replicating ever again).

Either way, please let him not be on dope as all too many champion sprinters have been.

Michael Phelps got his eight golds to compete for story of the Olympics, but that's enough superhumans for today. Unless the Singapore table team follows up with the gold, right about now.

Sneak preview: glolg's next planned development is a Google Calendar-like scheduler, with improvements over it, of course. Planned extra features include:

  • Event Priorities - No more scanning a bunch of events to see if there are any critical ones (an examination is clearly more significant than picking up more pet food for the hamsters, for example, other than for the hamsters)
  • Event Categories - Lecture, tutorial or lab? See it at a glance
  • Event Permissions - Individual events can have their public/private rights set independently
  • Event Completion Checklist - So that what's to be done can be easily collated

Same old Spurs (SOS) as they crashed to unheralded Boro, and it looks like the fifth placing that many pundits have foisted upon them may be some time in coming. Generally, I think bookies are more accurate than pundits in their predictions - bookies have to put their money where their mouth is.

United are hot favourites against a Newcastle whom the Fink Tank (and they're pretty good) peg at having a 20% chance of relegation, but the odds for a straight win are low and with only Tevez up front, two or more goals may not be that easy to achieve. Therefore:

$50 on Aston Villa to beat Man City (at 1.80)
$25 on Man Utd (-1.5) vs Newcastle (1.90)

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