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Thursday, May 22, 2008 - 01:43 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

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A Full Wednesday

...Kicked off by taking an hour's driving refresher lesson in the morning with my old instructor. Despite it being about four years since I passed my test and got my driving licence (and not touched a steering wheel since then), it all came back surprisingly easily. Clutch control was the only real concern, and that will probably be irrelevant if I pick an automatic gearbox if and when I buy my own vehicle. Rediscovered the joy of cruising the streets again, and also realised that few cars seem to keep strictly to the recommended top speed - having them zoom right by and disappear even when travelling at 60+ km/h on the leftmost lane is a given.

Visited the library and then the barber after that for my monthly trim, and after that it was off to the "private" NUS Tennis Court 3 for a hastily-arranged practice session. I suppose I am beginning to get my feel for tennis, since my wrists don't feel strained any longer after two-odd hours of on-off swinging. Still don't get how to hit the ball with a Western forehand, though. We came across twc by chance at Subway when we were having dinner. The usual mostly senseless banter ensued.

Deleted 141 SMS messages from my phone memory after installing the newest version of Nokia PC Suite (the old version stopped working for some unknown reason), and finally got around to downloading the images I had taken with it.

Here are the seafood restaurant pics, from the last post:

Clockwise from top left: Lobsters, dunno, fish, ermmmmm

Excess rainfall creating an impromptu fountain somewhere in NUS:

I remember it being more impressive than this

Army waterbottles residing at staircase corners in the SOC building. Must be for some camp or what:

Seriously no idea why. Yah I was quite wuliao

Couldn't resist installment three, and conveniently here's a link to one of the best hamster stories I've come across:

...And finally, the Champions League finals are starting in about an hour, with some guests coming. First, a recap of a pattern published in the Straits Times, if I recall:

Coincidence between Spanish La Liga and English Premier League winners:

2001/2002 - Valencia/Arsenal
2002/2003 - Real Madrid/Manchester United
2003/2004 - Valencia/Arsenal
2004/2005 - Barcelona/Chelsea
2005/2006 - Barcelona/Chelsea
2006/2007 - Real Madrid/Manchester United
2007/2008 - Real Madrid/Manchester United (woohoo!)

For the Champions League, something similar exists - the conquerors of the conquerors of Real Madrid lift the cup:

2002/2003 - Real Madrid beaten by Juventus beaten by AC Milan (winner)
2003/2004 - Real Madrid beaten by AS Monaco beaten by Porto (winner)
2004/2005 - Real Madrid beaten by Juventus beaten by Liverpool (winner)
2005/2006 - Real Madrid beaten by Arsenal beaten by Barcelona (winner)
2006/2007 - Real Madrid beaten by Bayern Munich beaten by AC Milan (winner)
2007/2008 - Real Madrid beaten by Roma beaten by Manchester United (winner???)

We shall see...

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