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Tuesday, Dec 20, 2016 - 22:13 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

The Man Who Trolled The World

" President-elect Donald Trump has an opportunity to establish American leadership through innovation... in the same way [as] President Kennedy."

- Bill Gates puts his stamp of approval on the GOD-EMPEROR
[Kayne West too, after their TRUMP TOWER meeting;
the Take Back the West campaign now scheduled for 2024.]

Truth, Falsehoods, Cheap Hacks

Remember when Politifact gave Trump a "Pants On Fire",
for even suggesting the election could be rigged?
Then Hillary lost, and now it was rigged... by Russia.

(Source: r/the_donald)

Before we return to local analysis, an update on He Who Brings Truth - with the recounts spluttering out (and indeed, increasing the GOD-EMPEROR's winning margin - he CAN'T STOP WINNING, folks), and with an attempt to manipulate the Electoral College vote netting exactly one congenital fibber (and nine Democrats; but I repeat myself. And what's that, after all the mainstream media hissing about "Hamilton's Electors", TRUMP actually increased his electoral margin, to +77?! Stop, we can't take all this winning, Mr. TRUMP!), it was time to cart out the old bogeyman: Russia. But, seriously, come on, the Cold War's been over for like, two decades...

But, one can almost cut through the delusion on the left with a butter knife here, given how thick it is; is it that hard to accept that TRUMP won because, well, he actually worked for Americans, and didn't casually brand a swathe of them as "deplorable"? Instead, Obama's main response was to... ask Putin to "cut out the hacking". One senses that this will merely cause much unrestrained laughter over vodka, in Moscow...

Certainly, the hacks ain't limited to the Eagle and the Bear - back home, in an op-ed for Project Syndicate reproduced in The State's Times, Quah and Mahbubani claimed that "...many people credit [the displaced, older, less-educated, white working-class male] for Mr Trump's victory, but the poster-child cohort did not actually have the biggest impact on the election outcome", in an attempt to handwave income inequality, and place the blame on identity and loss of control (i.e. continue opening the floodgates here?)

So the argument goes, "over half" of Americans who earn less than US$50000 annually voted for Crooked Hillary (let's just provide the exit poll figures, it's about 52-42), while of the remainder, it was 49-47 GOD-EMPEROR. Ergo, the poor were less disposed towards TRUMP, who therefore "does not owe his victory to people who are most anxious about falling off the economic ladder" (*whisper* globalisation good what, tio bo?)

Sounds logical, right? Except, this is missing the forest for the trees (as is disappointingly so often the case, for The State's Times-presented viewpoints):

(2012 data source: ropercenter.cornell.edu)
[N.B. also 60-38 in 2008, 55-44 in 2004, 52-44 in 2000,
indicative of a significant backswing against the Dems]

52-42 might appear to support this narrative, but when considered against the 60-38 margin by which the Democrats won this group just four years back, it actually represents a massive 12-point shift, on income alone! It is, after all, the change in support that is meaningful, and not the absolute numbers (one suspects that those in these group would possess other attributes, that cause them to lean Democrat)

But yeah, whatever they say.

There happens to be another strand of whining, which goes approximately like this: TRUMP won't do anything for - or even understand - the poor working-class people who put him in office. For goodness sake, he lives in a golden penthouse in his own skyscraper! How could these... these... deplorables be so dumb? They've been scammed!

Again, this bears a little more in-depth explanation.

Now, it is true that Mr. TRUMP is rich. Very rich. Nobody's contesting that. However, what's not true is that he is out of touch with the common people. In fact, it's completely the opposite. Recall Michael Church's three-ladder class system, from back in July? The one with separate labour, gentry and elite ladders, that allows cross-overs only infrequently?

As it turns out, the masses overwhelmingly see GOD-EMPEROR TRUMP as atop the labour ladder, even if they recognize him as possibly simultaneously straddling the gentry and elite ladders. As Church and Fussell note, class is not just about money, and as such, the working fellows - shopkeepers, plumbers, roustabouts - can identify with TRUMP as one of us, or more accurately, as who they would like to be.

I mean, the guy eats McDonald's on his private jet! He's married three beautiful wives (one endearing thing about salt-of-the-earth types, they tend not to hide what they like)! He plasters his name in huge letters, all over his stuff (why should you be ashamed of your own name? you earned it, man)! He's not too high-and-mighty for an occasional roll in the mud (and a good sport into the bargain)! He's a straight shooter, he says it like he sees it, no high-falutin hidden dagger crap! And he never, never, talks down to us, he speaks our language!

Truly, a GOD-EMPEROR of the people!
(Source: chron.com)

Application To Singapore (Cont'd)

"Singapore does not seem to be able to generate enough internal demand to rebalance the economy to a certain degree from an over-reliance on trade despite the large increase in population. This is likely due to high costs and lack of sufficient social safety net which caused excessive savings by the resident population while the non-resident population generally of lower wages are even more affected by the high costs and are savers in any case."

- Chris Kuan, as cited in The Independent

Yes, I know we're supposed to be returning to domestic affairs, but it's frankly impossible to continue without drawing contrasts against THE GENIUS THAT IS TRUMP.

I mean, it may be a tad unfair to point this out... but remember those Terrexes that got confiscated in Hong Kong, some weeks back? Timeline follows:
  • Nov 23: Terrexes koped by Hong Kong (China)
  • Nov 24: "SAF expects 'expeditious' return"
  • Nov 29: First seven-hour meeting between shipping contractor APL, and the Hong Kong authorities. No returns, not even any formal reasons given.
  • Dec 2: Second seven-hour meeting. No Terrex.
  • Dec 6: Third six-hour meeting. No Terrex, still no reason either (but, the SAF has advised APL to extend their full cooperation! Progress!)
  • Dec 18: Still no sound no wind on our poor Terrexes...
  • Dec 16: China seizes U.S. underwater drone. Ahahaha! Time to make the stupid gweilo Chuan-Pu lose face!

    but then...

...after more than a year of studying the GOD-EMPEROR closely, I remain continually amazed by his constant stream of brilliance. Which brings me to: there was always one question for which the answer eluded me - who is the person you most admire/your role model?

Ok, it's the sort of thing that one gets asked at interviews, and, one suspects, gets tweaked depending on who's doing the questioning (one suspects there to somehow be more Gates admirers at Microsoft, Jobs admirers at Apple, etc, even if it were the same set of applicants). Parents and other family members would, of course, be a safe if somewhat boring bet, as are the more obvious standard answers: Gandhi. Mandela. Aung San Suu Kyi (forget about the Rohingya for awhile, ok?). Atticus Finch (probably overprepped). LKY (for Singaporeans)

Personally, it was always hard for me to answer this question. Aside from the point that I had always thought it futile to model oneself after a single person (the circumstances might not be appropriate, for one), it was also obvious that it made much more sense to draw upon the virtues of a larger set of heroes, and attempt to avoid their flaws. It didn't help that my major inspirations were kinda out of left field, either. Cao Cao. Littlefinger (good points only, remember). The heretics who were martyred for not bowing to religious oppression. Dawkins. Scholes (football skills mostly). LKY (my esteem slowly growing after his passing, seeing as how things are going). And, actually, many others, because if you look hard enough, most everyone has something one can learn from.

But, no, no single exemplar stood out.

Until the perfect specimen arrived.

Yes, his popularity is exploding; no, he can't help his magnificence
(Source: twitter.com)

Savant. Savage. Lionheart. Leader of men. Lover of women. Businessman. Tactician. Strong Christian (he got me at that, I tell you, he got me good). And, above it all, the greatest, greatest troll to ever grace this world. He is as a Titan among mortals; Prometheus brought fire to Men; TRUMP brought memes to fire Men. The King, the Lord, the Trickster God, cultural icon, straight shooter, still Unstumped. Many lesser beings would have been delighted to bootlick their way up one establishment; TRUMP destroyed both in one fell swoop.

Extremely unfortunately, we cannot expect his equal to arise here and Make Singapore Great Again, but there remains one plea to be made, to the incumbent party. Please - after all the effort and political capital expended in fixing the next Presidential elections - have the decency to not actually hold it. I beg you, since it has come to this, not to put good men and women in the position of having to suffer through the ignominy of losing to the (very warranted) protest vote through no fault of their own, and further diminish the stature of the office.

We believe in one Lord, the Emperor, the Almighty, ruler of heaven and earth, of all that is, seen and unseen. We believe in one Lord, Emperor of Mankind, the only Lord of Creation, eternally begotten of Humanity, Human from Human, Light from Light, true Lord from true Lord, begotten, not made, of one Being with Humanity; through him all things were made. For us and for our salvation he came down from heaven, was incarnate of the Holy Spirit and came among us. For our sake he has faced down Chaos; he withstood death and was enthroned. To this day he lives on in accordance with the Scriptures; he resides upon Mother Terra and is seated upon the throne of Humanity. He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end.


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