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Sunday, Feb 05, 2017 - 22:21 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

Dawn Of A Golden Era

"I find it hard to believe that he rushed to some hotel to meet girls of loose morals, although ours are undoubtedly the best in the world."

- Putin, backing up his new bro against spurious accusations
(now, I'm not saying I like him, but Putin has his moments)
[N.B. The admiration's mutual]
[N.N.B. Cue on-point national anthem]

It was the twentieth of January, 2017 A.D., and I had woken not long ago upon a sweeping plain, somewhere in the middle of North Island, New Zealand. The stars had again been my companions through the last night, but it was summer, and the nights were short. The bracing winds rolled in, and their chill cut deeply, made me feel alive. If it were any other day, it would have been excellent; but today, it was perfection.

Time is, you see, one of those abstractions that we apply thoughtlessly, for in many things, the only moment that matters is our own, after all. But this was not any moment, it was a moment that behove, demanded, exactitude. The time, as time is in this locality, was five minutes to six. I fumbled in dawn's weak gaze, and drew out my smartphone.

Almost nine thousand miles away, in the place of Humanity's power (please, let us not insult each others' intelligence by lending credence to such stooge institutions as the United Nations), there stood a man, an emperor, a god. He was all of this, and he stood before his people, and beheld the splendour of their craft, the iron behind their will, the love in their hearts. They were his people, they were the Greatest People, and on this day, in this timeless moment, all was good.

The hour was nigh. And slowly, among friends, before Justice, the GOD-EMPEROR raised his right hand.

The legend begins.

His Word, His Bond

"...my second piece of advice is to disregard your election rhetoric in the making of policy. In the course of the long campaign, you made remarks that resonated with the audience or your constituency but which would make bad policy. You should avoid the trap of being held accountable for those remarks. You need not have a bad conscience about it because every US president before you did the same thing. You are just following a well-known US tradition."

- our former Ambassador to the U.S. offers unsolicited advice, predictably gets completely STUMPED BY THE TRUMP

It has been what - a fortnight? - and one fact is already making itself abundantly clear: President TRUMP is one of that rarest and most precious class of men - a man of his word.

A cursory inspection of the record will show that President TRUMP has already delivered, or at a minimum made a good-faith effort to, on essentially all of his official promises in his Contract with the American Voter. In this, he is perhaps incomprehensible to career diplomats and politicians - like our abovementioned ambassador, and Hillary "both public and private position" Clinton - but also, in some deep and primeval way, respected by the common man; men with dirt under their nails and calluses on their palms, who with a spit and a firm handshake sealed their bargains, and meant to keep them.

Est Sularas oth Mithas - my honour is my life.

It is, on reflection, slightly jarring that eminent statesmen can so casually suggest that one's pledge means nothing (in this, one is reminded of Raynald's reply to Saladin, on being [correctly] accused of violating his oaths: "Kings have always acted thus. I did nothing more."); then again, given the local "flexible truth" political culture, where double standards, talking cock and quite breathtaking wayang reigns, one can understand why the good ambassador counselled thus.

And, really, it is almost startling how similar TRUMP is in essence, to our very own demigod, LKY. Give no shits about what others think? Check. Blunt and non-politically correct? Check. Wary of (at least the Wahhabi strain of) Islam? Check. Antagonistic to the press when it disagrees with him? Check. Belligerent and combative rhetoric against perceived rivals and competitors? Check. More than ready to waive human rights, against enemies of the state? Check.

Seriously, if one is objective about it, I can't see how he can be for LKY, and yet against TRUMP - had TRUMP ascended a few decades early, they might well have been kindred spirits!

The resemblance in attitude is, frankly, uncanny
(Source: twitter.com)

I'm only partway through D'Antonio's The Truth About TRUMP (acquired from the NZ airport bookstore), but if there's one observation to take from it, it's what we emphasized in our analysis last Feburary: TRUMP, above everything, views himself as a WINNER; his trademark sector of choice being real estate is almost incidental. As with LKY, TRUMP is driven by an almost pathological thirst to excel, to dominate, to WIN. Something that, to be frank, the U.S. is uniquely equipped to do, for all the weak talk by lily-livered globalist commentators.

Quite fortuitously, the American citizenry has displayed a capacity to forgive just about anyone, but losers. And, for all the screeching and equal-opportunity rioting that's going about, the silent majority has given the GOD-EMPEROR the thumbs-up. After his flurry of executive orders, 47% of the people now think that the country is finally on the right track... the most optimistic they've been since Bush's second term, which includes the entirety of Obama's reign.

No, mark my words - while deluded SJWs continue blabbering about "impeachment", GOD-EMPEROR TRUMP is quietly - ok, not so quietly - going about his business, as one of the most hardworking and productive Presidents in living memory. In governance style and breadth of vision, he's consistently been drawing direct comparisons to Lincoln and FDR, two of the greatest ever, by scholarly consensus. In all seriousness, when all is done and dusted, I expect TRUMP to be hailed as an all-time Top Ten, well above Obama; and before you say that's ridiculous, consider recent history on such predictions.

It may not be my place to say so, but given precedent from higher-ups on this, do allow me to offer some advice to our incumbent administration: please, do sincerely respect the GOD-EMPEROR. The man can smell a duplicitous attitude from a mile away by now, and if ever there's a time to spread around some of the fawning flattery that's practically been leaking out of the incumbent party's lower ranks, it's now. For the GOD-EMPEROR is true to his friends, death to his enemies, and really, I'm not sure we'll survive being on the wrong side of that, as Great America wins the upcoming trade wars.

...and as it happens, the in-flight movies watched on Air New Zealand (you've got to hand it to them, on their safety videos) all happened to explore very relevant political themes (fine, with a bit of cramming). Without further ado (and with possible light spoilers):

Suicide Squad (2016)

We begin with everyone's favourite Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie! Let's face it, you can dispense with the rest of the cast, and possibly almost all of the plot and CGI into the bargain, and the flick would probably pull at least half of its current box-office takings because, eh, it's a just-the-right-amount-of-crazy Margot Robbie, jaunting about in hotpants!

If the producers have any sense at all, they'll be working nights drafting the Harley spinoff, given the rest of the team. There's Will Smith as Deadshot, whose main shtick is that he's very accurate with guns. Captain Boomerang, who's basically the same thing, but limited to boomerangs, and an all-round offensive Aussie caricature to boot; Killer Croc, who's, well, a big crocodile... yes, Crocodile Dundee, we get it already; and El Diablo, who sets stuff on fire to take his mind off his many bad life decisions, chief of which is his atrocious facial tattoo.

And, not quite part of the gang - think of them as the equivalent of class monitors/teacher's pets: Rick Flag, Special Forces Colonel, whose signature maneuver is getting kidnapped by the baddies, and requiring the others (usually Deadshot/Harley) to bash their heads off; and Katana, 100% submissive-to-authority Asian lady, who apparently only got cast as the token minority on condition that she hide her face behind a mask; and, lest you think we're joking, her only lines consisted of crying hysterically in Japanese (we think) to her sword. Granted, her hubby's soul is trapped inside, but surely she could have just gotten some other guy to unscrew the hilt?

Tell you what, forget it, isn't the important part after all

But let's go over this again - you've got one guy who doesn't miss his shots, but no other superpowers; one psychopathic boomerang-tosser; one crocodile hybrid with body dysmorphia issues; a mass-murdering pyromaniac; one clinically-insane (but rockin') lady; oh, and there was this fella who could shoot ropes and run away at high speed, but they killed him off double-quick, when the Spiderman team threatened to sue.

Is this, gentlemen, the profile of a team that saves the world?

Yes, yes, the justification given in the movie is that they're cheap, disposable assets, but let's put it this way: you could replace your mission-critical personnel with cut-price poorly-vetted replacements to save a few bucks, but given the host of obvious... complications that they carry with them, do you really, really want to do that?

Well, guess what - it's what America has been facing with illegal and exploitative immigration. And, under the GOD-EMPEROR TRUMP, we'll be seeing much less of both.

On illegal immigration first. You thought TRUMP was joking about the wall - a real one, mind, not some airy-fairy metaphorical construct? No, people, it's going up, and on time, under budget. He's sold past it already, and mark my words: he can get Mexico to pay for it, one way or the other.

Preview of the near future

You'll hear Hollywood celebs leading the whining from within their gated compounds (note: approximately zero of them made good on their vows to leave the U.S. if TRUMP got elected, which should give an insight into their characters), but the bottom line is: walls work. Oh, they'll talk dismissively of twenty-one foot ladders, but neglect to consider that if it were that simple, then why have nations throughout history converged upon walls as a defensive solution?

Honestly, a good ole' wall and limited amnesty could well do more to break the drug cartels' stranglehold over Mexico more effectively than any other American initiative to date; couple it with some on-point H1-B visa reform, which will force companies to give U.S. citizens a fair shake, instead of being able to import wage slaves and put the equivalent of an explosive collar on them by threatening to cancel their green cards, and it becomes apparent that the TRUMP administration is courageously putting into place the most sensible immigration policy that's come along for a long, long while.

Indeed, we're already beginning to see how sanctuary cities are capitulating, exactly as described. I'd gather more than a few mayors will be seeing the merits of enforcing basic law after they get cut off from the Federal teat, and as for the remaining hold-outs... they may yet discover that when people don't enter and stay legally, it's sometimes for a reason...

Snowden (2016)

On to the biography of one of the great unsung heroes of our age - Edward Snowden. Originally harbouring hopes of joining the Special Forces after having played too much Call of Duty, Snowden would break his legs falling out of the top bunkbed; which is probably just as well, or he'd likely have been cowering in a corner getting rescued by Harley Quinn (fine, that doesn't sound so bad), instead of earning the adulation of countless admirers worldwide.

Still determined to snag a cool job, Snowden figured that if he couldn't be Captain America, he could settle for being a spook, and joins the CIA. He impresses with his l33t hacking skills, but quits in disgust after being ordered to blackmail a target, by framing him for drunk driving (really, exactly what did he imagine the CIA was involved in? Charity work?)

Apparently not having taken the hint, Snowden next signs up with No Such Agency, and discovers that (shock! horror!) the USA is spying on all its allies! And, not only that, it's maintaining a very comprehensive surveillance network on just about everyone, which extends to being able to operate private webcams at will (and, if you're wondering if this is just artistic license, note that the FBI is recommending people tape over their webcams, advice that the Zuck is following)

The rest of the story is public knowledge: Snowden smuggles a bunch of evidence out (the movie has him hide an SD card in a Rubik's cube), and disseminates it in a quite responsible manner, via a contact with The Guardian. America's allies are outraged that Uncle Sam has been perving on them... but not too much, because they had suspected it all along. And, as it turns out, the Director of National Intelligence had blatantly lied under oath about the NSA's wholesale data collection.

The NSA has since sworn to stop dredging everybody's phone calls (cross my heart and hope to die), but really, they probably just took care to hide it more carefully this time (by the way, Google has just been informed that it must turn over foreign emails if ordered to)

Anyway, a quick primer on Snowden vs. Assange vs. Manning here - Snowden, as we have seen, is a source, and Assange a publisher (through Wikileaks); Manning is also a source, but an indiscriminate and reckless one. In a recent development, Assange had offered to hand himself over were Manning granted clemency, which Obama wound up doing. Understandably, Assange is weighing his options.

This brings us to all the Democratic hullabaloo about "Russia hacking the election". Now, while I'm not saying that such acts are proper - if it even happened, which there is no substantiative evidence of - America's history with electronic espionage has left me with precious little sympathy for them on this; and, get this, now that the GOD-EMPEROR is doing the decent thing and taking the intelligence agencies to task for their wilful violation of privacy rights, liberals are now for the bloody CIA, in classic knee-jerk fashion?!

Sometimes, you've got to wonder what's going through the heads of TRUMP protestors...

Your mind tricks don't work with us, SJWs!

[To be continued (four more movies)...]

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