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Monday, Oct 15, 2018 - 23:29 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

And We're Back

It's never easy to get back into the groove of blogging after a long (in this case, one month) hiatus, so I figured I'd just reset with a hodgepodge of topics, and slap down some old bookmarks that Mr. Ham has finally seen fit to help with, after getting wind of a hamster hero in Overwatch.

Beginning with some follow-ups on recent posts, the unrest brewing in China over slipping home prices (despite best-effort media gags) might be a pertinent case study for Singapore, given the similarities between our economic structures in that respect - up to and including historically moribund and/or suspected-manipulated domestic stock markets driving investors to property. The fissure between global and Chinese networks, postulated in academia, may yet also extend to the Internet itself, so says a former Google CEO. Well, it's not like Google's going to stand on free speech principles on that, given that they're unilaterally censoring in the US of A.

I hope that the danger of having a single entity being able to "disappear" information at will doesn't need further elaboration, which is why I'm striving to work DuckDuckGo and other search engines into my routine, even if they might be comparatively slightly lacking, especially in localization.

On the MEME WAR front, the absolute rout continues. Fresh off the hilarious OK = White Power hand gesture trolling, in which a bunch of 4chan autists managed to spark a media frenzy over how the innocuous (okay, most of the time) OK sign was actually a secret white supremacist signal - thereby exposing the eager and biased sensationalism of the American left - the chansters have moved on to characterize SJW normies as NPCs blindly regurgitating whatever position their thought leaders have seen fit to endorse, which seems to have struck a raw nerve... and, of course, invited unwarranted censorship.

This, as it happens, is why the GEOTUS-backed Republicans are now winning the culture war; they're now the edgy outsiders subverting their way across mainstream Big Tech-sponsored politically-correct diversity-whether-or-not-it-makes-sense, appearances-above-all tyranny. Remember when all the teens flocked to hippy communes, or togged out in skater gear, or grunge rock tees? Well, there's no cooler way of thumbing one's nose at stuffy authority nowadays, than donning a red MAGA hat. And, let's just face it, the guy's hilarious. Compare that to the contemporary eternally-offended can't-meme left, and it's easy to see the attraction of the New Creative Right.

Seriously, how can one hate this guy?
Key quote at 2:15: "The Establishment had become too full of themselves... they needed to be humiliated... they needed to be trolled."
[N.B. The Queen of England's not half bad at the trolling gig too]

As it happens, CNN and company don't seem to be taking this lesson to heart. Their cratering reputation probably wasn't helped by entirely groundless slander on the President having "racist thoughts" (I guess they can read minds now?), even as they roasted the very-woke Kanye West as "a token negro" and "what happens when negroes don't read". Not at all coincidentally, Taylor Swift's ratings would take a 25% hit in the GOD-EMPEROR's latest display of unadulterated MEME MAGIC.

And while we're on NPCs, Goblin Slayer might be worth a watch... or read. It's a fresh take on the D&D and gamebook genre, what with references to dice and Firetop Mountain, and manages to be engrossing despite the protagonist being interested in exactly one thing - goblins. Yes, that low-tier crap XP trash mob. Sorta Berserk-lite, for manga connoisseurs.

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