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Saturday, Dec 22, 2018 - 19:15 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

The Man Who Abides

Helpful Sources
  1. TRUMP intervenes for Johnson on non-violent drug charge
  2. TRUMP signs First Step Act for prison and sentencing reform
  3. TRUMP makes Historically Black Colleges a priority by executive order
  4. TRUMP achieves historically low black unemployment rate
  5. TRUMP bans bump stocks for guns
  6. TRUMP doesn't really like guns (bad for business)
  7. TRUMP legalizes hemp, progressing to weed
  8. TRUMP allows private entities freedom to achieve environmental goals on their own - and they did
  9. TRUMP's border security arrangements are really no different from the previous administration
  10. TRUMP's dialogue with Kim leads to unprecedented easing on tensions on the Korean peninsula
  11. TRUMP withdraws from Syria with main objectives achieved, breaking with American tradition
  12. If Russia thinks that they can control Afghanistan, perhaps it's best to just let them try again
  13. CIA meddles again without Congressional approval, no outrage
  14. The super-well-respected Mattis was also fired - without even the courtesy of a phone call - about his stand on Middle Eastern policy, by the previous POTUS. But nobody cared then
  15. America supported Saddam and Osama as valued Middle-Eastern allies against common enemies. Guess how that turned out
  16. Maybe let's try to look on the positives for once, instead of defaulting to the mainstream media narrative? Odds are the Military-Industrial Swamp's just in it for that sweet contractor money...

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