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Sunday, Jan 05, 2020 - 22:52 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

It Begins With A Bang!

A Pentagon drone operator queries the GOD-EMPEROR
(Source: Lucifer #30)

Well, it was never gonna be a boring decade, was it? The New Year fireworks were barely done with, when GEOTUS kindly donated an impromptu display at Baghdad's international airport, for Iran's Number Two in-charge; dazzling drone shows have been all the rage in recent years, after all, and after Shanghai put up a slightly-fake exhibition, surely TRUMP's Middle Eastern friends couldn't be left out? A very unfortunate mishap however resulted in the sad demise of the Quds Force (i.e. Iranian CIA) commander, coincidentally together with the leader of the Iraqi militia responsible for the breach of etiquette at the U.S. embassy. The Golden Don sends his regards.

The Realities of International Law

The Ayatollah doesn't seem to be taking the accident very well, but before proceeding, it may be instructive to delve into the build-up to the event:

Never missing an opportunity to troll, bluff called!
[N.B. Also: tweet shit, get hit (guy has loooong memories)]

Like it or not, there's something about Great America's style. Recall Putin playing coy about whether they employed polonium-tipped umbrellas to deal with dissidents abroad, with Russia never quite admitting responsibility? Nope, Great America under GEOTUS doesn't skulk around, no sirree; they'll simply guide a care package down the ass of whoever they don't like, then raise their hand, stand up, and declare that yes, they did that, and would do it again - and what are you gonna do about it?

Indeed, what is Iran going to do about it? The online experts over at the geopolitics subreddit have considered Iran's options in some depth, and the broad consensus appears to be:
  • If Khamenei and company are logical - which we might find out soon enough - they'd see that they can't really win a conventional war; sure, they could try to make it a Vietnam-type guerrilla quagmire, but the odds of the existing regime surviving... ain't good. It should be understood that the Islamic theocracy in charge isn't that widely popular at all, and surely the Ayatollah can't have missed the ignominious fates that awaited his fellows that had pushed the faith, and their luck, a tad too far: Saddam (hanged), Gaddafi (too horrible to contemplate)

  • There's proceeding with the nuclear programme - either openly or covertly - but despite common opinions on nuclear deterrence with respect to North Korea, it might not be applicable to Iran. Note, they're smack-dab in the centre of the most crazy and fanatical plot of real estate on God's green earth, next door to a certain jumpy state known as Israel. Recall when Iraq bought a nuclear reactor from France, back in 1976? Yea, Israel blew it up. If anyone believes they'll sit idly by as Iran gains the bomb, whatever Macron or Merkel or TRUMP HIMSELF says, I think they might be sorely mistaken...

  • They could close the Strait of Hormuz while prosecuting a new Tanker War, and/or escalate attacks on Saudi oil refineries (somewhat lower-risk since America is advising its nationals to leave the region), though neither really hurts the U.S., which is now a net oil exporter, or at least very close to it. This would however piss off a host of countries that do depend on oil imports, and raise the odds of support for some good ol' coalition action

  • There's going directly for Israel, instead of Saudi Arabia, but yeah, instant full-blown conventional war

  • Going further into irregular warfare, there's arranging a 9/11-type attack on American soil, but frankly, this is essentially a national-scale suicide bombing. I don't see any American politician, Republican, Democrat or Bernie, who can be for anything other than immediate all-out vengeance, were this to happen with Iran claiming responsibility (note that even now, leading Democrats have broadly agreed that Soleimani was a baddie who deserved to be offed - just not at the moment). It's slightly iffier if a proxy terrorist group did the dirty, but it would remain an existential risk for the Iranians

  • Eh, there's always cyber attacks, but it's not like everybody doesn't do it already. Kinda a weak response, "like Obama after Benghazi"; indeed, GEOTUS has pledged to strike 52 Iranian sites if Iran retaliates, one for each American hostage taken in 1979, because he understands the power of symbolism, unlike previous weak U.S. POTUSes that brought further pain by soft responses (recall the great LKY fearlessly disrespecting Carter for his lack of backbone then: "My name is Jimmy Carter, I'm a peanut farmer, I'm running for president. The next thing you know, he was the president!")

  • And finally, there's recourse to international law, by appealing to The International Court of Justice at The Hague - which is what Iran has indeed begun to pursue

It should be reiterated here, by the way, that Great America's standing doctrine with regards to the International Court of Justice is to invade it, were it to have the gall to try American citizens (passed Congress with a Democrat majority vote, no less). So, back to the question posed last month on "rule of international law" - what do you think it amounts to, in practice? And before TRUMP gets raged on, it might be respectfully pointed out that the previous POTUS bombed a charity hospital in Afghanistan, perhaps the first occurrence of a Nobel Peace Prize laeurate bombing another Peace Prize laeurate, and got away with an "oops my bad". Let's be honest: "rules-based global order" is an illusion, a useful fiction, when there is no threat to the reigning hegemony. As seen throughout history, it goes out of the window when A New Challenger Appears, as observed with the WTO effectively being abandoned given that it no longer serves its intended purpose properly (well, we did try by pledging not to use "developing country" rules, but too bad)

The New Axis Of Evillll *ba dum*

You know how popular rock bands tend to get reformed, possibly with new members, once the money runs low? Hold on to your hats, boys, the iconic Axis of Evil is making a comeback! Originally formed way back in the 1930s by madlads Germany, Italy and Japan, it took the world by storm for a decade or so, before burning out and only getting resurrected in 2002 by a trio of dashing new rogues, who put a new spin on the theme. Former leader Iran's raring to go, but with Iraq incapacitated from a couple of freak "falls", and North Korea in rehab thanks to supportive pals, new members were required. And have Iran got some seriously big names into the refreshed lineup:

Industry observers predict an *explosive* debut
(Source: zerohedge.com)

Yes, that's China, Russia and Iran conducting a joint naval exercise just last week, from the Taiwan Strait to the Sea of Oman, culminating in a naval war drill - right on the heels of NATO confirming China as a "challenge" alongside Russia. Really, it shouldn't be too hard to realise what's developing, what with Great America continuing the full-spectrum decoupling by limiting exports of A.I. software, starting Monday.

First off, it should be noted that this grouping is basically reactive, defined as it is by being America and allies' not-very-friends. Honestly, do China, Russia and Iran have much if anything in common otherwise? Russia for one is likely to still be nursing not-too-distant memories of getting backstabbed by Comrade China via their American tag-team, though geopolitical necessities have certainly made far stranger bedfellows.

Anyhow, it's only natural for Iran to try and tap China and Russia, under the age-old adage of "enemy of my enemy is my friend"; problem for Iran is, I really can't see either China or Russia joining in with actual military assistance. Sure, they'll be happy to sell Iran all the weapons they can afford (which isn't much, nowadays), but if it goes tits up for real in Tehran, it's far easier to imagine Putin waving and shouting while using the distraction as cover to reintegrate some former Soviet territory.

Cleaning Out The Friend List

This one sparks joy
(Original source: independent.co.uk)

While elements of the establishment FAKE NEWS are attempting to sell the lie that GEOTUS has little support on this bold action (much as the desperate "impeachment" gambit has instead contributed to his approval ratings reaching a three-year high), in particular that this threatens relations with America's traditional European allies, the reality is rather more subtle; GEOTUS is probably simply just scrolling through his Facebook contact list and confirming who's Great America's true allies, and who are just "allies", before the shit goes down.

Because, let us try to view this objectively from GEOTUS's perspective for once - you have a bunch of hangers-on, who are more than happy to call themselves your friends; which is alright, I suppose, big men naturally attract an entourage. In return, Great America broadly upholds the system that sustains them all: stupidly-expensive aircraft carriers that keep the sea lanes open and international trade flowing, drones and soldiers to nip terrorists and criminals in the bud upon request (for some reason, the FAKE NEWS doesn't like to remind the general populace about how a cartel openly slaughtered government troops in the failed state of Mexico, and forced the no-wall government to submit, proving TRUMP, alas, right yet again), medical innovations subsidized by the American taxpayer...

So, now picture GEOTUS going to his "friends", and informing them that in view of Great America's many intangible benefits, they might lower their tariffs (which were generally far higher in aggregate than America's to begin with, which is again very seldom emphasized by the FAKE NEWS). His "friends", however, refused, and then had the cheek to complain when he merely gave them a taste of their own medicine! The logic goes as follows: these people aren't real friends, because they have no intention to reciprocate transparently; they are however too proud to be subordinates, because they have their own interests. Instead, they plan to free-load and run up the tab, by offering nebulous "soft influence" that is no influence at all.

What then is the civilized response? For Great America to politely walk away where they're not appreciated, obviously.

A Comment On Reliability

Certain misunderstandings about TRUMP should be cleared up, before continuing. It has become standard practice in the FAKE NEWS to describe him as "unpredictable" and "unreliable". This is far from the truth, as analyzed here in 2017: "President TRUMP is one of that rarest and most precious class of men - a man of his word". He has not wavered from his major electoral pledges: Build a wall, well in progress. Confront China (a consistent stand from the 1980s), trade war plus decoupling, baby. End illegal immigration, lowest numbers in a decade. Middle class jobs and tax relief, lowest unemployment since 1969, highest stock market ever. Repeal all previous unconstitutional executive actions, Obama cancelled. Clean up corruption in Washington, Bidens (very rightly) investigated, only to be held up by a House of Representatives coup.

From all this evidence, it might be reasonably surmised that: if TRUMP says that he is going to do something towards a major policy direction, he will do it, whatever other politicos think (details are flexible, though). This is diametrically opposed to establishment/deep state politicians, who will promise changes, but revert back to usual business at the first opportunity. The man, you see, has the same aura as LKY, as we have explained.

The GOD-EMPEROR subscribes to the same tenets: "...if you take me on, I will put on knuckle-dusters and catch you in a cul-de-sac... If you think you can hurt me more than I can hurt you, try. There is no other way you can govern!" Thus, all the games of chicken, but as also noted, it's a rather rational game when you own the most massive vehicle (i.e. the metaphorical TRUMP TRAIN). Sure, China has maybe an unloaded eighteen-wheeler, Russia a vintage ZIS-5, Iran a second-hand Chevy, North Korea a looted Volvo and France a Renault Zoe (but GEOTUS wouldn't do it, because they're still friends, kinda), but do you think any of them are actually eager to see the game of chicken out to its extremely predictable conclusion?

No, the GOD-EMPEROR is one of the most reliable guys on Earth: flatter him, go along with him on his very reasonable demands (e.g. drop European tariffs, don't cross borders illegally, don't attack U.S. embassies), and he will be your true and loyal friend. Oppose him, and he will consistently tit-for-tat (e.g. in the Chinese trade war; tit-for-tat is by the way a proven winner's strategy), he'll never ever back down, and always, forever, hit back harder. In all his interactions and negotiations since taking office, whether domestically with the Democrats, with so-called allies, or the likes of the new Axis of Evil, I have yet to observe the GOD-EMPEROR wavering from his core beliefs - this most fundamental of principles.

Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku captures his soul perfectly
[N.B. Even the famously-nationalistic mangakas had to respect TRUMP, unlike for example Hillary, Bush II or Sarkozy, because they recognize real men]
(Source: mangakakalot.com)

No, all the ivory tower political analysts have badly misread this lion of a man, when they slammed him for not involving "allies" such as France and Germany in his economic smackdown of China. TRUMP's attitude towards adversaries has been unchanged throughout his life: either they bend the knee, or they are defeated and broken. 2016 saw the entire Republican party bend the knee, with some of his most bitter rivals such as Ted Cruz having entirely converted to TRUMP's cause; the Democrats were, of course, defeated. Well, Great Britain's well on the way to bending it (though he wouldn't frame it that way, because it would be slightly crass); France, Germany, China and Russia are simply next in line to kiss the ring because, as explained above, all Great America needs to know is where they stand - do they accept U.S. hegemony and world order, or not? Declaring either way is fine - only the consequences differ.

The Greatest Alliance

While the mainstream FAKE NEWS might pounce on this as some diplomatic failure, most signs are instead merely pointing to a realignment (recall when we accurately called the American domestic political realignment, back in 2016), the creation of a new and better European alliance for Great America. The playbook is exceedingly straightforward - with Great Britain's exit from the failing European Union, the stage is set for an expanded emphasis on the major Anglophone nations - The U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand; their relative intimacy is already underlined by the longstanding Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance, which self-important continental wannabes such as France and Germany are not privy to.

The next developments are quite easy to imagine. The rising Alliance of Greats will find more than a few willing applications, chief among them Great Hungary and Great Poland, who have had it up to there with Merkel's liberal immigration policies, but not unlikely also Great Italy and various Scandinavian and minor Eastern European states, because they're on the frontlines against Russia, and know who has the better record of sending boots on the ground when shit happens. While this doesn't necessarily spell the end of the E.U. or NATO, it will definitely raise scrutiny as to what France & Germany actually bring to the table, other than siphoning riches from the common currency.

Before FAKE NEWS establishment commentators splutter that this undermining of the E.U. and NATO is irresponsible, it might be noted that overt security measures against designated foe Russia is most appropriately enforced on the eastern border (i.e. mostly Poland & Hungary), unless France wants to admit that they view those countries mainly as useful speedbumps, as was the case in previous World Wars. And lest deluded globalists view France as some sort of responsible unity figure, it should be remembered that France withdrew from NATO in 1966, and only rejoined in 2009, long after the Soviet Union had crumbled (this fact is also, for some reason, almost never mentioned by the misleading FAKE NEWS in contemporary commentary on NATO, though Macron has already hinted at another break)

No, France is merely reviving old Napoleonic/Gaullic fever dreams of re-establishing themselves as the preeminent European power by leading their own army, as Germany understands only too well - against this backdrop, joining the fold of Great America/Great Britain must seem quite palatable, especially given that Great America/Great Britain by themselves consititute a bigger trade bloc than the entire European Union (Italy's already being openly courted, by the way); all it takes is a couple more dominoes to fall. Here, we must mention the incomparable wisdom of the great LKY, who foretold the doom of the European Union back in 2012 (like him or not, he tends to be very accurate on such matters), with NATO possibly going the way of SEATO. Fortunately, the GOD-EMPEROR will forge something stronger and more lasting from the ashes.

High and mighty alone we are kings
Whirlwinds of fire we ride
Providence brought us the crown and the ring
Covered with blood and our pride

[To be continued...]

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