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Friday, July 10, 2020 - 21:18 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

We Interrupt For Basedness

As we await the Singaporean general election results, an update on last December's Warhammer 40k take on the American political situation, which has seen GEOTUS pulling out his latest trump card, in the form of ultrawoke artiste Kanye West:

  1. Kanye, one of the most prominent cultural icons of our generation, has of course been a longtime open GOD-EMPEROR supporter, going as far as to refer to TRUMP as his brother (which has earned him a warm welcome at The Donald's house); this places him in the company of courageous black uniters such as Terry Crews and Chance, in speaking against identity politics (complete with Jamaican accent for Vulkan, in the hilarious TTS series)
  2. In fact, Kanye has just declared that "it's racism and white supremacy to say all black people need to be Democrat", rightly declaring himself as a free-thinking person of colour who's not about to be corralled into staying on the Dem plantation
  3. His obvious 40k alter-ego is then of course Vulkan, total bro-tier fifteen-foot tall hulking ebony mass of barely-restrained muscle. Picture twenty gene-forged and warp-crafted superhuman demigods who tank plasma blasts and benchpress tanks, and there you have Vulkan holding back when sparring, so as not to hurt them.
  4. No, seriously, he's almost certainly the nicest of all the Primarchs, with his legion (later chapter) being about the only one to continue living amongst baseline humans. This is reflected by Vulkanye's staunch pro-life and yet pro-choice stance in our glorious reality
  5. Also, Kanye has always claimed to have "dragon energy" (like TRUMP), while Vulkan's totem-animal is the Dragon; happenstance? I think not.
  6. His declared candidacy has nervous "experts" from Newsweek predicting that he would barely get any votes. No disrespect intended, but as with my analyses in 2016, it doesn't seem like these people possess much political sense about them
  7. Despite Kanye initially indicating that he was breaking with TRUMP, this didn't fool many, with various subreddits quickly figuring that he would just siphon votes from Biden. Turns out, Kanye's not too good with keeping secrets (like Vulkan, unlike Lion El'Jonson)
  8. I love this timeline.

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