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Wednesday, Dec 01, 2021 - 22:28 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

How Transitory This Life

It is the year 2032.

Alice: Have you heard about Fred? He got Gamma Iota Theta!

Bob: Congratulations! Must be a very exclusive fraternity, I honestly haven't heard of it!

Alice: It's the latest coronavirus variant, you ignorant swine. Have you gotten your twenty-third booster jab yet? You aren't one of those anti-vax Covidiots on only 22 or less, are you?

Guess what, new Omicron variant right as the vaccines appeared to be getting a handle on the current situation sort of, and there's been enough said about some Greek letters being skipped, so I'll leave that aside. There's at least some encouraging news from China, as the director of their CDC seems to have acknowledged that early treatment is the way forward - which, like, always made sense - but that will be for the next post or thereabouts.

Economics update next. Following on the predictions from late October about Powell leaving the hard decisions until after his reappointment, the newly-reaffirmed Fed chief has turned lexicographer in stating his intent to retire the word "transitory", at least in the context of inflation. Then again, "transitory inflation" was one of the most transparent dissimulations on a major issue to see print in a long while, and is moreover technically unfalsifiable given that one can consider the Universe itself to be such (I can see it now: Politifact: Mostly False. Inflation will last at most 10 to the power of 10 to the power of 120 years, the current best estimate for the maximum time required for the Universe to reach its final energy state. We rate the statement that inflation is non-transitory, Mostly False.)

Anyway, this can't be doing much for trust amongst those still taking the mainstream media FAKE NEWS at face value, and despite Powell now seemingly supporting a quicker taper given that inflation looks like continuing to rise, word on the street is that they're just trying to prop it up until China's economy crashes first, such that fingers can be pointed for the oncoming deprivations, in the transition to a full-fledged Cold War II. Either way, Singapore has at least been quietly building up our gold reserves, which has had me reevaluate the savviness of our leadership up a few notches, at least.

Human from Human, Light from Light,
True Lord from True Lord, Begotten, not made;

[N.B. The GOD-EMPEROR canonically hails from Anatolia, i.e. modern-day Turkey, about ten thousand years ago - long enough to be considered "of all races and of none", to borrow a famous description from another currently in-vogue fantasy property. Indeed, a recurring theme is the inability of His true face to be known, reasonable given the many personas He has worn through history, with everyone apprehending their own image of his likeness.]

No call for wallowing in misery, though, there should always be time made for the finer things in life, and here's a sneak preview of one of the decor pieces for the new place: a framed canvas print of the GOD-EMPEROR OF MANKIND. The local firm that prepared it evidently didn't skimp on the effort either:

You will be pleased to know that I personally supervised our production team as they delicately printed your image and hand crafted a fine timber frame from the very best of our timber stocks. I watched as they delicately stretched and wrapped your print around the frame, and meticulously inserted Italian made staples to secure your print. I took great delight in witnessing our highly trained hanging expert from Japan insert the hooks and cord that will be used to hang your print for all the world to see. Your print was then carried aloft to our packaging temple, where our white-gloved staff checked your work of art to ensure it met our sky high standards. I could only smile as your print was collected by six fine horsemen from our production facility. The roar of 100 drummers drumming was deafening, as your print was collected by our transport company.

If that doesn't call for repeat business, I don't know what does.

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