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Sunday, Dec 12, 2021 - 21:12 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

The Importance Of Leading Vowels

Baby chair to be filled later

Nephew just turned one on Saturday with a dino-themed party, but from his favourite pick amongst the gifts, his personality will probably soon be based off a vehicle instead. I don't know how everyone guessed that I'd get him a stuffed hamster, but he didn't pay it much mind for now, less whipping it about the tail by abit. Kid has good instincts, what can I say?

Decor Sneak Peek II
[N.B. The Dark Angels may have their faults,
but they gotta aesthetics down pat.]

The pieces are also slowly coming together for my home renovation, with my finally pressing the interior designers a little more, after too many months of slow progress. With the following not meant to be taken as any reflection of my own IDs, it should be said that the line doesn't have the greatest of reputations for customer satisfaction locally, and it's not hard to understand why - execution aside, there's often a cloud hanging over the billing process, given that the true underlying price of various services is often obscured, and sometimes difficult to tease out due to most homeowners being new to the business.

Part of the problem, I gather, is the common practice of having the IDs earn their fees implicitly through (unrevealed) mark-ups, instead of an explicit design/project management fee up front (or, further double-dipping in the latter case). It follows, then, that one may be left with but a very vague sense of what's actually being charged for their work (which I suspect is intentional). Well, they should be compensated appropriately for their labour put in; it would be unconscionable if they were unable to earn a proper commission after dedicating their time to one's home, and cutting it too close to the bone will probably just lead to subpar work, or worse, an abandoned site.

The delicate balance between getting one's carrot chopped and sinking the project/relationship can be quite fine, however, and history informs us that some very talented men can have quite different outcomes in budgeting for real estate and associated costs. I suppose one of the best defences is to have some knowledge of actual market prices, particularly for relatively-standard jobs. A certain mark-up is only to be expected when engaging an intermediary, but letting them take it too far is probably bad for maintaining respect all round. I mean, I consider myself a Nice Guy that tends to give contractors many chances to let themselves down gently; it might not go as nicely for them, with the type of customer that takes it personally.

砍也不是这样砍的吗, 别紧张, 慢慢来, 机会多的是; *pats hand gently* 刀借我一下, 我帮你砍!

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