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Thursday, Jan 13, 2022 - 23:10 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

Game Short

Some recent WhatsApp musings on the lack of decent RTS updates hit home a little, though that said I've just recorded my first Religious Victory in Civ 6 as Peter I with Russia, in between waiting experiments out. While it's not exactly that various gaming genres haven't embraced monetization (e.g. skins/cosmetics/events in Dota 2 etc.), the general direction of the most-popular (mobile) games does appear towards implementing dark patterns towards wheedling a constant stream of cash out of players. This holds even for relatively slow-paced and arguably less-competitive ones like say Pokémon GO or Mousehunt, with the latter getting pretty creative in encouraging hunters to chip in just a little bit to boost hunting efficiency, especially in newer regions. Not that I mind, though, what with it being a calming diversion (no, haven't been using Roborovhunt since its development)

Spot the problem here
Choices, choices

[N.B. On closer reading, they actually make sense since (any) and away bonuses can stack. Some are probably still doubtful deals though.]

These devious designs have worked quite well, from how huge credit card bills due to minors getting hooked (particularly through "loot box" gambling mechanics, to the extent that it's gotten banned in some countries) seem frequently reported nowadays. Given this, one quite appreciates the more-transparent Hattrick (football management game) supporter model of offering nice-to-have extra features (but with no in-game advantages). That said, they might have run into some trouble with game (option) balance - see example above, with the new club sponsorship choices.

Also, random renovation update:

Mystery Parts

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