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Saturday, Sep 09, 2023 - 23:34 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

Hot On The Press

Wasn't especially looking forward to the monthly Evolt check-in after taking about ten days' break from training following the wisdom teeth extraction surgery, but the outcome was pleasantly surprising:

Date30 Jun31 July2 Sep
Bodyfat %14.6%11.3%9.9%
Muscle Mass33.4kg34.8kg34.9kg
Subcutaneous Fat9.0kg7.0kg6.1kg
Visceral Fat1.2kg0.9kg0.7kg

So, it seems that some extended rest (after about four months' uninterrupted daily work, to be fair) and shaking up one's schedule, might have its benefits after all! Scale weight has further crashed to 66.5kg in the past few days, which means that my initial target (i.e. my junior college/army weight) has been more or less reached. Following discussion with the trainer, daily intake has been upped to about 2000 calories towards planned (c)lean bulking to maybe 73-75kg.

Not too sure about the accuracy of the bodyfat measurement upon reference with example photos online, but the bottom four abs are probably just shy or something (i.e. underdeveloped)

Being naturally the more trusting and accepting sort, I do still take phone calls from unknown numbers these days, given that they might have legitimate business (e.g. delivery guys, vendors, etc.); the slightly-exaggerated warmth of one particular recent dial-in did still cause a brief double-take, somewhat mitigated by the caller addressing me by my name - and then, 你不记得我了吗 (don't you remember me)?

Actually, no.

刚换了电话号码, 一点胖胖的, 猜猜我是谁?

Well, if he had actually known me, he should have realised that I am not much for such games, and after a few teasing attempts to elicit a desirable response brought only increasingly-impatient requests for him to just state his name if he had figured it out, the would-be forgotten acquaintance disengaged with a promise to do it over WhatsApp (what sense did that make?!) - which obviously wasn't followed up on.

A quick search confirms that this is probably a revival of the "friend in need" scam, made all the more convenient nowadays by having one's name exposed via services such as PayNow - which means that scammers can simply harvest contacts by entering random phone numbers into such money transfer apps. If a guess is indeed made, the scammer can then try to impersonate the persona and get the victim to overwrite his existing contact number, before eventually entering into a sob story (and requests for monetary assistance) after building sufficient rapport.

While one likes to believe that there are simply too many points of failure for such a con (the most obvious being to directly contact the fella with claimed identity) to be successful, it appears that there were over 2,000 reported cases of such last year, and nearly S$9 million lost (and this before convincing AI-generated voices come in). I guess many locals do just tend to go with the flow without thinking too much...

In unrelated news, Tharman has been elected as President with a vote share of about 70%, a landslide by any measure - if marred by the somewhat-arbitrary eligibility criteria for participation. Then again, he's definitely qualified and has the Kennedy stamp of quality (which might be getting questioned), so I suppose TKL can reclaim his deposit and resume normal operations, having done his best to carry the many-coloured banner forward.

This is once more in stark contrast to the blatant favouritism on display by the Federal government in America, as they continue to sneakily boost one party's POTUS candidate over another, this time by targeting the black male demographic that his party is traditionally weak with via hip-hop/rap culture. Personally, I think this is uncalled for especially given the mortal battle against authoritarianism that they are locked in, and would really like to see the other guy given a fair shot.

(Source: redbubble.com)

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