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Wednesday, Oct 18, 2023 - 19:10 SGT
Posted By: Gilbert

Goliath Online

The BRICS Chics' performance concludes with a high-energy dance routine - perhaps Team Blue will get the G7 Gals here sometime - as we again bump the game clock back, this time to five days before the BRICS+ summit; over at Camp David, Maryland, the United States of America, we have... Yoon Suk Yeol, Fumio Kishida and Joe Biden, the Trilaterals!

Turn 14, Action Round 4 (Team Blue)

Team Blue plays Camp David Accords for 2 Ops.

Psst, you'll be letting us in on some of those Jaegers, yeah?
(Original sources: twilightstrategy.com, axios.com)

POTUS would meet with the President of South Korea and the Prime Minister of Japan on the 18th of August, to announce a formal security pact - somewhat awkwardly acronymed JAROKUS - between the three countries. The pairing of this development with the BRICS+ expansion involving Saudi Arabia, Iran and Gulf States then matches Turn 13, Action Round 2 quite perfectly, in one of the most obvious historic "mini-cycles" we are likely to ever observe.

While this new Washington-Seoul-Tokyo axis has been advertised by some to be aimed against North Korea's recent bluster, the main target had to be China's touted expansionism in the South China Sea. Again, there was no disguising the essential nature of this alliance either, for all the insistence that it was not meant as some "mini-NATO", and media on both sides of the colour divide were unanimous in their reading: this signals a new Cold War.

The choice of location for this symbolic reconciliation between former foes, had to be consciously intended to reflect the original Camp David Accords in 1978, signed by then-POTUS Jimmy Carter, and the leaders of the then-warring Israeli and Egyptian nations: Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat. This led to a peace treaty and recognition of Israel by Egypt the next year, and won both Begin and Sadat the Nobel Peace Prize. Sadly, Sadat would be assassinated in 1981 by jihadists for his part in the affair, which could be slightly concerning if parallels are intended to be drawn, had Japan not gotten the jump on it.

Coming to the Influence assignment, the moves on Japan (6/1) and South Korea (5/2) had been telegraphed as before, and there's surely no call to overprotect the two states further for now. In tribute to the original Accords, then, this Action Round sees Team Blue buff up their presence in the Middle East, fittingly with the two nations most associated with that Event:

1 Ops: +1 Influence in Israel (6/4). While they might have had their differences such as on settler policy, Israel remains the go-to for the United States in the critical Middle East region, in part driven by the considerable Zionist lobby back home.

1 Ops: +1 Influence in Egypt (2/2). While they might be due to be inducted into BRICS+, Egypt remains one of the closest U.S. partners in the region, with their own designs on local Influence, maritime or otherwise. Thus, describing them as still-straddling both Red and Blue camps would probably be an accurate assessment, as of the moment.

The choice of Ops for what is essentially a subset of the benefits accorded by the Event might be attributed to a strategic choice to leave the card to be recycled in the future; there's a brief ruckus at a side door, with some raggedy vagabond yelling for Team Blue to play the Event instead, but he is predictably entirely ignored, and ejected from the hall.

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